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From the Land of Kansas is a trademark program designed to promote and celebrate agricultural experiences and products grown, raised or produced in Kansas. The From the Land of Kansas brand makes it easier for people to find and support Kansas-made products and Kansas-based businesses. The program offers an array of incentives to Kansas companies – big and small – who grow, raise, serve or produce products in the state.

To qualify for membership in the Kansas trademark program, your business must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • 100% of the product is grown or produced in Kansas
  • 100% of the products’ processing, manufacturing, or craftsmanship is done in Kansas
  • Your restaurant is Kansas owned or serves one or more primary Kansas food ingredients. Restaurant needs to identify which food products are from Kansas.
  • Business provides an agriculture based-experience in Kansas. To qualify, agritourism businesses must be registered with the  Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.
  • Business offers three or more Kansas products for sale in their store.

Additionally, all products and businesses must be in good standing and meet standards set forth by local, state and national regulating authorities.

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