Farmers' Market Economic Impact Analysis

The Kansas Department of Agriculture can create and economic impact analysis for a farmers’ market. It is important for market managers to coordinate the necessary information in order to ensure the analysis is as complete as possible. In order to complete the analysis, the following information needs to be provided. The information can be recorded using the spreadsheet, which is available  for download. Please send your markets information to for analysis. Click here to download the handout.

Also, here is the link to the Emporia Farmer's Market overview that was created from this model. 

In order to collect the necessary information the market manager can distribute the spreadsheet/form to each of their vendors electronically or in print. Upon completion of the form, please compile vendor information into the summary spreadsheet. Each vendor should record:

1. Total annual dollars of market sales

2. Classify themselves as one of the following:

  • Producer (Produce/grow and sell your own food or produce)
  • Non-Producer (Sell  food or produce, but do not grow it yourself)
  • Prepared Food Vendor/Restaurant
  • Other (Please specify: _________________________________)

3. Record one of the following:

  • Sales in dollars from each specified types of goods/products found on the chart
    • Example: $843 from vegetables and $455 on wooden furniture
  • If sales in dollars is not tracked, percentage of sales for types of goods/products being sold
    • Example: Roughly a 30% of sales comes from vegetables, a 50% from baked goods, and 20% from arts and crafts