Scott's Hometown Foods

  • 215 Harrison St., Lindsborg, KS  67456

(785) 227-2296



Scott's Hometown Foods is a full service grocery store offering: fresh meat case, hot & cold deli, salad bar, and bakery. Scott's carries a specialty line of Swedish food both in store and online.

Products include:
State Street Salsa is made with spices and fresh vegetables. It comes in four degrees of spicy heat: Cool, Medium, Hot and Extra Hot.
Swedish Limpa is a sweet rye with orange peel and characteristically round in shape.
Swedish Potato sausage is a flavorful mix of pork, beef, potatoes, onions and spices in natural casings.
Swedish Meatballs are a savory mix of pork, beef and spices that create a Swedish household comfort food.
Ostkaka/Swedish Cheese Cake is a sweet mix of half & half, milk, sugar, eggs, vanilla and curds (flour,
water & rennet).