Rees Fruit Farm

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For more than 100 years, the Rees Family have been experts in the fruit business. By following a few simple tips on how to purchase, store, use, and preserve your fruit, you will be a more satisfied consumer. Rees Fruit Farm prides itself on growing and producing the highest quality fruit in the area. Home-grown fruits will have the most flavor and last longer than shipped fruits. Because we choose not to over use chemicals, our fruits may not have the appearance that shipped fruit can. However, a simple taste test will prove the better quality and homegrown will win your taste buds every time. All of our fruit is hand picked and washed, and we never pick up fruit from the ground to be used or sold. When purchasing fruit, you must remember that fruit is very perishable, only purchase what you will consume or process in the length of time the fruit may hold its quality and usefulness.