Radina's Bakehouse

  • 227 Blue Earth Place Suite 111, Manhattan, KS  66502

(785) 341-1465





At Radina's Bakehouse we believe food should be simple, delicious, and healthy. Healthy means fresh, chemical and preservatives free food made by caring hands. At Radina's Bakehouse everything is made from scratch. Scratch means that every ingredient is in its most basic form and that nothing is from a mix.

We use fresh and real ingredients - we wouldn't think of adding preservatives, or using hydrogenated oils or bromated flours. All of the flour and most of the grains used in our bread and pastry are grown and milled in Kansas. The only oils you'll find in our foods are vegetable oils like olive and corn, and real butter. Lot's of butter.

Radina's Bakehouse donates one loaf of bread to the Flint Hills Breadbasket for every loaf of bread we sell. the Breadbasket's mission is to minimize hunger and poverty and we are happy to help.