Prothe's Pecans

  • 33850 Victory Rd, Paola, KS  66071

(913) 849-3358



In 1879, my great-grandfather bought our 80-acre farm. Native pecan trees were growing here at the time. My grandfather, father, wife and I farmed the land through the years doing little with the pecan trees. We purchased the farm in 1960 from my aunts. In 1987, as I was clearing our 20 acre pasture, we noticed many young pecan trees growing along side some brush. I decided to leave some and go to a grafting school being held in Paola. I had not heard of grafting trees but it sounded like a good idea. We attended the course and left with the scion wood to make the grafts. I began grafting trees and grafted more of the trees each year. We planted another 40 acres to pecans the last few years which I have grafted to the improved varieties as well. We have a shaker that will clamp to the tree trunk and shake the nuts to the ground, a harvester to gather the nuts, a cleaner to separate the nuts from the trash, and several crackers to crack them. Whole or cracked pecans and halves, and black walnut meats are sold at the farm. We have the big Pawnee that people ask for when they call us and also the Kanza variety. They are the best pecans growing on our farm. DELICIOUS!! Custom cracking pecans is available.
We are open year-round for all your pecan and walnut needs- just give us a call 913-849-3358 or 913-449-1719. Thanks and enjoy our pecans!!