Norsemen Brewing Company

  • 4911 SE 10th St, Tecumseh, KS  66542

(785) 608-5056



Fat Back Brewery started as a home brewing group with the name in homage to the founder's years of playing Rugby. Putting together recipes and perfecting brewing techniques to make great beer quickly became a passion of the group. As the group intertwined with local brewers guilds, brewing professionals and craft brewer consumers to build and grow their knowledge of this new found craft, they fell in love with the industry. Around 2013 the art scene in Topeka exploded and the group realized that Topeka was in need of another craft brewery focusing only on craft beer. This brewery had to not only make excellent beer but support the arts and the community as a whole. In the winter of 2014 with the help of Small Business Development Center and NOTO the group started putting things in action to make this goal a reality. In May of 2015 Fat Back Brewing Associates Corporation was founded. In line with our vision of supporting art we needed a theme that would let people's imagination roam while allowing for flexibility in artwork showcased in our tap room and naming conventions for our beers. With this in mind the group settled on Old Norse (think Vikings) feel. And with that, Norsemen Brewing Company was born.