Manhattan Meat Market

  • 1112 S Mill Point Circle, Manhattan, KS  66502

(785) 341-6212



The Manhattan Meat Market is a full service butcher shop designed to meet the needs of the customer looking for superior customer service and meat quality in a fun and educational Manhattan setting.

Manhattan Meat Market sources local meat including:

Red Wattle Pork (Barnes, KS)- Red Wattle pork is raised entirely outdoors, fed only grain produced on the farm, no hormones or antibiotics. 

Bowser Meat Processing (Meriden, KS)- Bowser Meat Processing is a full scale meat slaughtering and processing facility. USDA approved and inspected, Bowser Meat Processing ensures your meat is of top quality.

Brunkow Lamb (Pottawatomie County, KS)- Glenn, Jennifer, Isaac, and Tatum Brunkow represent the fifth and sixth generations on this Flint Hills ranch. The Brunkow's frais their lambs in central Pottawatomie County.