Lazy E Produce

  • 6400 312th Rd, Arkansas City, KS  67005

(785) 399-2293



Lazy E Produce is a purveyor of local food products on the High Plains of Western Kansas, less than a mile from Interstate 70, and 125 yards east of the Colorado State Line.

We raise poultry for eggs and meat, grow an ever-changing variety of garden-fresh produce, and create delicious baked and preserved foods that are ready to eat.

Our preserves are, simply put, "nostalgia in a jar," with ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Beyond classics like
sand plum jelly and apricot preserves, we also make pumpkin butter that requires nothing but a spoon and a can of whipped
cream to enjoy.

We've hunted down a number of vintage quick bread recipes, and expanded upon them to offer unique flavor profiles that will
amaze your friends and family, if you can bear to share with them. All of our breads are baked using eggs collected right in
our own back yard, with as many local ingredients as we can manage.