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We produce our products in the Flint Hills area of Kansas which is historical for cattle drives, KC Steak, along with some of the best pasture land in our country! This is small family run operation, USDA certified farm and in business for over 40 years. Our products are ALL natural, human safe and made entirely in the USA and with USA resources. Not off shore. No artificial preservatives, additives, by products, Colors or Flavors. We use over 30% MEAT as our source of protein and don’t need added vitamins or enhancers. In essence, it is human grade (Holistic) food with a Dog Label on it. GOOD STUFF.

Great care has been taken on the private formula and natural ingredients. There is no WHEAT, CORN or SOY, protein enhancers in our products, which surprisingly are not at all good for many dogs and can cause problems with a dog’s future health. Dogs like people have systems that cannot tolerate many things we are told we can feed them. We are usually their only source of food to live.......be responsible is what I ask people to be.