Harmony Farms KS is a 6th generation family farm in northwest Kansas. We have been in operation since 1878. Everyone who works on the farm is a family member and every member helps regardless of age.

Harmony Farms KS has been certified organic since 1987. Currently, we are certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) and National Organic Producers (NOP) and are inspected yearly. No chemicals of any kind are ever used on our land.

Currently we are producing hard red winter wheat, white proso millet and red grain sorghum. We have also planted white winter wheat for 2019. Our mission is to take products from the field straight to the consumer in the rawest form possible. Our motto is "field to bag." For this reason we do not wash our grains. We harvest, we screen, we air clean, we bag. Our flours are all stone ground. The millet is ground unhulled to conserve all fiber and nutrients. We use no enhancers of any kind.

The fact that we keep all of our grains in a natural certified organic state assures the consumer of the rawest product possible. It is for this reason that we recommend all of our products be kept in the freezer upon opening. This prevents any spoilage. 

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