Free Day Popcorn Company LLC

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Free Day Popcorn grow their farm fresh, non-GMO popcorn on their small family farm in America's Heartland - along the Kansas/Nebraska border. Unlike commercial processors who may store popcorn for up 18 months before it reaches the package, Free Day Popcorn only sell the current year's harvest. They guarantee that it's the freshest popcorn you can buy: they print the harvest date on each bag. Fresher popcorn means the popcorn pops more consistently. There are fewer unpopped kernels resulting in less waste. Fresh popcorn is light and crisp and has fewer hulls. In addition to popcorn kernels, Free Day Popcorn also sell ears of popcorn called Popping Ears. You can pop your popcorn in the microwave directly on the ear it grew! It's a fun novelty item for kids and adults alike!


Just because you don't live near the farm doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy farm fresh Free Day Popcorn any time you want. Shop online:

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