Flint Hills Discovery Center

  • 315 S. 3rd St., Manhattan, KS  66502

(785) 587-2726





The Flint Hills Discovery Center inspires people to celebrate, explore, and care for the Flint Hills.

To accomplish this, we have developed an extensive array of exhibits and programs that are exciting, educational and authentic, so as to engage visitors of all ages from all walks of life. We have meticulously crafted and developed these exhibits and programs to promote inter-generational education and to inspire a life-long commitment to learning. The research used to develop our displays and activities are the result of active partnerships with many different people and organizations.

Finally, we acknowledge that, to fulfill this mission and vision, the Flint Hills Discovery Center needs to be a living, growing and evolving institution capable of fulfilling long-term sustainability goals on a physical, philosophical and financial level. By creating an engaging and educational atmosphere, we generate substantial earned and donated revenue. At the same time, the Flint Hills Discovery Center supports the cultural and economic health of Manhattan, as well as serving as a gathering place for community events.