C & C High Tunnel Farms

  • 218 Washington St., Scandia, KS  66966

(785) 335-2611




We are a small family farm in the city limits of Scandia, KS. We have been growing and marketing locally grown fresh produce year round since January 2009. Our major summer crops are tomatoes and cantaloupe, but you will find a variety of other vegetables grown alongside them. During the winter months we raise fresh spinach, baby kale, and a great mix of spring salad greens. It is our goal to produce high quality, nutritional, and flavorful vegetables for your consumption. We follow natural practices in the nurturing, cultivation, and harvesting of our plants which includes an integrated pest management program and lots of hands on labor. We enjoy working the soil, planting, and watching our crops flourish. There's nothing like the feeling of dirt in your hands and the satisfaction of harvesting a quality product!