Blue Sky Miniature Horse Ranch

  • 1710 Canerbury Dr., Hays, KS  67601

(785) 625-6725



Blue Sky Miniature Show Horse Ranch was opened as a tourism site in 2000, after requests for the viewing of the skills and the beauty of these 34 inch tall and smaller horses. The foundation herd showed in Midwestern states, earned Grand and National championships. View cart driving horses, see grooming demos and import training of foals, pet the horse, and see the ribbons and trophy's won.

Blue Sky Ranch was originally begun in 1990 to prepare these beautiful small horses for the show areas. All of these horses are double registered with the American Miniature Horse registry out of Illinois and the American Miniature Horse Association out of Texas. All of the miniature show horses must be registered to show in these two registries. Miniature Horse can show in over 50 different classes determined by their height, color, skill level and multiple talents.

The ranch is located in the rolling hills of Kansas, in farm country and tour reservations can be made by calling 1-785-625-6725. Small private groups reservation need to call at least two days ahead; bus tour groups need reservation a month ahead of request date.

All tours are guided tours! Handicapped accessible, no food or beverages provided on site; Tours are designed for specific age groups. Call for day, time, location, and directions to ranch.

Looking forward to your visit!