Becky's Bierocks

  • 306 S. College St., St. Francis, KS  67756

(785) 332-3120



Becky's Bierocks (B & R Bierocks, Inc.) began production in the present location on June 1, 1991 with one employee. What started as a small cottage industry today employs several people with sales throughout Kansas and surrounding states. Becky's Bierocks are manufactured in a USDA inspected plant. All ingredients are prepared fresh daily, and each bierock is hand formed. We make three flavors, hamburger with American cheese, (the best seller), German brand sausage (2/3 beef, 1/3 pork with Becky's own German seasoning- Becky's favorite!) and hamburger. All contain ground meats, fresh cabbage, onions and spices in freshly made dough.