AAA Ranch

  • 624 US HWY 166, Cedar Vale, KS  67024

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3 years ago we started working on what farming/ranching in the 21st century would look like & how to develop. After learning & knowing how seafood gets to the Midwest, not to mention quality, we decided to develop a quality seafood option by raising indoor year round aquaponic organic farmed Tilapia. It took us 2 years to get our filtration & system right. Now we offer a consistent & reliable quality whole fresh Tilapia fish where flavor & texture cannot be compared - Found in the heart of America. Aquaponic grown fruits & veggies soon to come. We also offer "Complete Crop" a liquid fish plant nutrition that you literally can see the difference using fish has on plants, crops, fields, lawns, orchards, gardens, and anything you grow. Please check out our website for purchase options at